Data Backup and Recovery

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Your Data: Our Top Priority

Safeguarding Your Business: Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

In today's rapidly changing landscape, securing your data is paramount; at Ascension IT, we prioritize safeguarding your data's availability and integrity, ensuring it remains resilient against evolving challenges, allowing you to focus on your business without worry.

Why You Need Data Backup and Recovery

Ensuring Data Continuity in a Changing World

Discover our innovative approach to safeguarding your data; our comprehensive solutions cover backups, recovery, and secure storage, all tailored to ensure your critical information is not only protected but readily accessible whenever you need it.

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Specialized Services for Your Peace of Mind

At Ascension IT, our data backup and recovery services provide a unique approach to safeguarding your valuable information. With specialized solutions tailored to your needs, we ensure the utmost protection and peace of mind for your critical data.

We provide robust, comprehensive data security with our smart backup solutions; through regular and automated backups, we ensure the safety and accessibility of your essential data, minimizing risks of loss or disruption.

Count on us for swift and efficient data recovery services that minimize downtime; our dedicated team swiftly restores lost data, ensuring your business operations continue smoothly without prolonged interruptions.

Rest assured with our secure off-site storage solutions, designed to fortify your data's safety; employing advanced encryption and secure protocols, your information remains protected and easily recoverable even in unforeseen circumstances.

Experience rapid data restoration with our expedited recovery processes; in the event of data loss, our swift actions ensure minimal disruption, enabling your business to resume operations promptly.

Why Partner with Us

The Benefits of Choosing Ascension IT

  • Proactive Issue Planning

    Prepare for the Unpredictable
    Count on us to proactively secure your data and prepare for unexpected events; our measures and custom plans ensure data integrity, mitigate risks and minimize disruptions, keeping your business resilient and ready for any challenges.

  • Network and Data Safeguarding

    Defend Your Business from Threats
    Protect your networks and data assets from potential threats through our comprehensive security measures; at Ascension IT, we prioritize shielding your sensitive information, ensuring your business remains secure.

  • Rapid Recovery

    Minimize Downtime, Maximize Uptime
    Experience minimal disruptions and swift recovery with our efficient solutions; in the event of system failures or data loss, we quickly restore functionality, maintaining your business's productivity.


Check Out What Our Clients Have To Say

Ascension IT provides excellent customer service. Levon and his team did an amazing job in the setup of our virtual server environment. They continue to provide the same outstanding service in maintaining and managing the environment. We would highly recommend them to anyone in need of IT services.

Ascension IT took the stress of IT management off of our firm and brought us new ideas for increased efficiency, secure data management, and many cost saving service/software reviews. Whether we have a major hardware need or a small software glitch, we can call Ascension IT and trust that the issue will be handled quickly and properly.

I have had the best experience with Ascension IT. Not only did they install a network, but the owner came out to advise on another job at my office to help me navigate as a new business owner through an internet and phone installation! I could not be more impressed by the price, accessibility and professionalism of this company!

Other Areas We Can Assist


Managed IT Services

Experience the ease of streamlined IT operations with our suite of managed services. From system monitoring and maintenance to proactive support, our comprehensive solutions ensure optimal performance and efficiency for your business.


Network Security

Safeguard your digital environment with Ascension IT's robust network security solutions. Our proactive approach ensures a fortified defense against cyber threats, providing a secure foundation for your business operations.



Unlock the potential of your infrastructure with our virtualization services. Ascension IT optimizes resource utilization, enhancing flexibility and scalability while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


Private Cloud Hosting

Trust Ascension IT to provide secure, scalable, and tailored private cloud hosting solutions. Our robust infrastructure and personalized approach ensure a seamless hosting experience, meeting your business's unique demands.


Fiber Internet

Experience the speed and reliability of fiber-optic internet with Ascension IT. Our high-speed connections empower your business with faster data transfer rates and enhanced connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

Relax, We've Got Your IT Covered.

Your peace of mind is our top priority. With Ascension IT, you can rest easy knowing your IT needs are expertly managed.